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Snail-O-Lantern - Giclee fine art prints

Snail-O-Lantern - Giclee fine art prints

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Year: 2021
Artwork by @macysfoxyart

A Snail-O-Lantern is a playful and imaginative watercolor painting that combines the charm of a snail with the spooky fun of Halloween. The painting features a snail with a bright orange jack-o-lantern on its back, creating a whimsical and delightful image.

The snail's body is rendered in soft shades of green and yellow, and the jack-o-lantern features a glowing light that adds to the magical quality of the scene. 

The painting is a tribute to the joy and fun of Halloween, and a reminder of the beauty and wonder that can be found in the simplest of creatures.

A Snail-O-Lantern is a delightful and charming painting that captures the imagination and celebrates the playful and creative spirit of Halloween. It is a reminder of the magic and wonder that can be found in unexpected places, and a tribute to the power of art to bring joy and delight to our lives.

 Archival giclee prints come hand signed and embossed on textured cold pressed 150 gsm acid free watercolor paper. Packed in a acid free protective sleeve, shipped with cardboard

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