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Bee Positive - Giclee fine art prints

Bee Positive - Giclee fine art prints

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Bee Positive
Year: 2021
Artwork by @macysfoxyart

 This watercolor painting is a unique and creative representation of the blood type B+. It showcases the beauty of nature and the intricacies of the human body, inspiring viewers to appreciate the world around them in a new and inspiring way. The perfect harmony between a working beehive and a human heart anatomy hive. It captures the essence of the beehive with intricate details of the hexagonal cells, buzzing bees, and honeycomb patterns. These elements are seamlessly blended with the human heart anatomy, creating a surreal and thought-provoking image.

The title of the painting, "Bee Positive," is a play on words that encourages viewers to focus on the positive aspects of life. The painting represents the importance of harmony and balance, as seen in the perfect cooperation between the bees and the human heart.

Through my artwork, I hope to inspire others to think outside the box and find beauty and inspiration in unexpected places.

Archival giclee prints come hand signed and embossed on textured cold pressed 150 gsm acid free watercolor paper.

Packed in a acid free protective sleeve, shipped with cardboard
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